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iMed Biomedical was founded on a bedrock of core values that define who we are as a organization, as well as how we do business. We realize that with growth and success comes great opportunity to champion our core values.Particularly the concepts of “Learn, Earn, and Return” and the idea that you must “live the example” you want to see in the world by “paying it forward”.

As part of our outreach initiative, iMed Biomedical provides free equipment services to several non-profit clinics and organizations across the USA. In addition, we volunteer to go on humanitarian missions to service medical equipment and collect old equipment many hospitals do not use to repair and recertify to patient ready conditions. After recertification, the equipment is sent to larger non-profit organizations that donate to third world countries or areas that need assistance.

iMed is activity looking for equipment to service and donate to this cause. If you are interested in donating equipment to our outreach program, please contact us

iMed Biomedical ACHIEVES ISO 9001:2015 & 13485:2016 CERTIFICATION

Carrollton, Texas: iMed Biomedical, Inc  today announces its ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 Certification.  As part of the ISO certification process, iMed Biomedical engaged in a rigorous audit of its product and service quality requirements.

The FDA conducted market research on third party service organizations in the equipment repair industry. They concluded that there is not enough information to determine if non-OEM organizations would negatively or positively impact patient safety or quality of care. Lastly, they recommended these companies obtain an ISO certification to improve consistency of services and reduce liability. Becoming dual certified, showcases iMed’s dedication to the quality of the services and products we provide.

What does this mean moving forward? We continue implementing the ISO standard and keep looking for ways to improve. As a team, we will constantly look for opportunities to build and support the industry with products that are dependable yet coupled with innovation and creativity.

Get up Clean Up Contest

Show us your workspace to win!

To participate in the contest, HTM professionals or departments should pick an area of your department, then get up and clean up. Submit a before and after photo of your workspace. Be sure to include yourself or department in the photo.

Submit you photos here:

Contest submissions are due by June 30th.


iMed’s Annual Biomed Cart Contest

As part of its vision, iMed Biomedical is dedicated to helping BMETs communicate and share creative ideas to improve process efficiency. In the Spring of 2017, iMed Biomedical paired with Tech Nation magazine to launch the first annual Trick Out MY BioMed Cart Contest. In our experience, a technician’s cart is more than just a place to keep tools, rather, it’s a true extension of the individual biomed. Thus, our contest is designed to encourage biomeds from across the country to share a little bit about themselves by submitting pictures of their carts as well as a description. Our ultimate hope is to connect biomeds through an online network and setup a pool of creative ideas for biomeds anywhere to source from; offering a wealth of great ideas for organization, functionality and style to make their own biomed carts unique. Overall, we received two dozen submissions for the first annual cart contest. The winner received a $500 gift card and a dinner for their entire biomedical department. To checkout some of the submission for 2017, just follow the link below! Also, if you’d like a heads up as to when our next cart contest is set to launch, simply find us on the Contact page!


Follow the link to see last year’s submissions and to learn more about iMed’s Annual Trick Out Your Biomed Cart Contest


Follow the link to read Tech Nation’s 2018 interview with iMed Biomedical Founder/CEO, Jake Powell:

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