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Quality Policy

iMed Biomedical Quality Policy

iMed Biomedical is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction. This policy is achieved through customer focus, continual improvement and employee empowerment, training and teamwork. iMed Biomedical values integrity in all our dealings with customers, suppliers, and employees. In addition, iMed Biomedical is committed to complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Quality Management System
iMed Biomedical is committed to meeting customer requirements, regulatory requirements and increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, iMed Biomedical has established, implemented and maintains this QMS and its processes and continually improves their effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Continual Improvement

iMed Biomedical strives to continually improvement is product and service delivery process through workflow and receiving solutions and establish performance indicators that meet both customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Continual improvement is possible with the feedback from our customers and collaborative environment across all levels of business and QMS processes.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

iMed Biomedical makes continuous efforts to maintain high satisfaction levels from its customers, suppliers and employees, by mapping and reflecting on feedback to get a clear and accurate sense of their needs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
iMed Biomedical uses KPI metrics to monitor, measure and maintain quality performance and effectiveness across key performance areas to countervail unnecessary expenses, reduced quality, and less than desirable customer experiences.

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